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Help for Teachers to Encourage Students to Enroll in Tech Classes


Technology teachers and STEM enthusiasts have a new resource for recruiting students to the world of information technology. Creating IT Futures designed this FREE presentation, This Is Where IT Is At, to help teachers spread the word about career opportunities in the IT field and encourage students to sign up for courses and afterschool tech programs.


This downloadable resource allows you to customize messages for your local audiences, and in addition to students, it can be shared with parents, administrators and fellow teachers to generate a community of IT enthusiasts.


Included in the presentation are:

  • An overview of what IT is and why it is so rewarding,
  • A look at some myths surrounding IT,
  • A peek at the transformative technologies that make IT relevant for the 21stcentury job market,
  • A customizable list of courses, programs and extracurriculars offered in your school, and
  • Resources for students and parents to get started in this exciting field.


To download the PowerPoint for free and use it to tell your story, please fill out the contact form below. If you need additional statistics or visuals to make it pop, let us know.


We want to give teachers the tools to help students be successful in the world of tech.

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