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February 26, 2019

​IT-Ready: Securing Careers and Helping More People Benefit from Technology

By Olumide Idowu

With support from workNet DuPage Career Center, we launched the careers of another 12 students with a passion to develop a new career in IT. Creating IT Futures graduated its first IT-Ready CompTIA Secure Infrastructure Specialist (CSIS) class last month at the CompTIA HQ office outside Chicago.


Students initially worked toward CompTIA A+ certification in our IT-Ready Technical Support class, but then received additional training to complete their CompTIA Network+ and Security+ certification. As in our other classes, the full-time classroom-based course was underwritten by grants and financial donations, so that students could attend classes for free. 


DuPage class listening to speaker


At the graduation, Todd Thibodeaux, CEO and president, CompTIA, expressed his admiration of all the graduates and shared some facts on how the association is impacting more people through IT. “CompTIA has certified almost 2.14 million people across the world. Our certifications show you what kind of IT skills you need to do in your career. We are helping more people get jobs and secure their future.”


“In the next 10 years, the tech industry will balloon into an even bigger industry, and people like you will make it happen,” added Thibodeaux. “We need you to fill the confidence gap to make the world of tech a better place for all. Tell your story, be an advocate of tech. Transfer the knowledge you learned in IT-Ready and help more people to benefit from tech.”


As one of their instructors, Adam Turner, senior director, training and program operations, CompTIA, charged the students to know more about themselves as they move forward in their career. He asked them, “What are you going to be remembered for after this class? How will you manage to improve your learning and build upon it?”


With excitement, graduating students shared words of appreciation for the program and the entire Creating IT Futures team and how IT-Ready has impacted them.


Todd Thibodeaux giving graduation speech


“It is a mind-blowing for me to get these certifications. It’s one of my goals in life, and IT-Ready has given me the next step to success,” said graduate Mouhamad Tbakhi.


Graduate Cornell Jones said, “I didn’t go to college, but IT-Ready has been awesome for me. I’ve been able to expand my network and learn new skills that will take me higher. 2019 is going to be a great year for me.”


“This is the best thing I have experienced in my life. I found a way to dedicate myself to my studies and was determined to get it done, said graduate Guiseppe Mastrolonardo.


“I have a degree in Computer Science, but today IT-Ready gave me a more practical way to support my college degree and build my future career,” added graduate Quinton Henderson.


DuPage Graduating Class


Eleven of the 12 students have already passed at least one certification test. Six of the students have already found jobs. Chicago-area businesses interested in reviewing resumes of IT-Ready graduates and interviewing these qualified candidates for entry-level IT positions should contact Anderson Lee at or visit


Prospective IT-Ready candidates can submit their applications now for Chicago’s Spring IT-Ready class at Northeastern Illinois University’s El Centro campus. The 8-week course begins April 22, and the application deadline is March 22. Apply at