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February 13, 2017

Tech support with confidence: IT-Ready grad credits program for upwardly mobile career

AndreaRingAndrea Ring recently sent an email to IT-Ready administrators that got right to the point: “I graduated from IT-Ready in December 2012. It changed my life.”

And change her life it did, said Ring during a follow-up interview. She now works at Intel Security (formerly McAfee Security) as a Tier I Business Support Technician, offering anti-virus product support to the company’s small-business to large-enterprise customers.

IT-Ready published a blog post about Ring when she graduated. Read that article here.

Now that she’s been in the IT workforce for four years, Ring said she continues to rely upon the fundamentals she learned in IT-Ready.

“IT-Ready gave me the confidence and the mindset to go further,” she said. “IT is a process of elimination and IT-Ready gave me basic troubleshooting skills. You can’t know the answer to every problem, but IT-Ready gave me the skills to gather information and then process it to find the answer.”

Ring said she took two key takeaways with her from IT-Ready.

“One is that you don’t have to know everything about IT. As long as you have the basics and know how to troubleshoot, your future employer will teach you the rest,” she said.

And the second?

“Be confident,” she said. “Confidence will not only win over an employer, it also will win over your customers.”

IT-Ready provides intensive, classroom-based education and training completely free of charge to admitted students from target audiences that include unemployed, under-employed and displaced workers; women and ethnic minorities who are under-represented in the IT industry; and veterans and their spouses or caregivers.

IT-Ready students learn skills such as building a computer from parts, installing software, troubleshooting problems and setting up and managing networks. They also learn softer professional skills such as communication, customer service and job interviewing.

At the end of the program, students take the CompTIA A+ certification exam, after which they may qualify for a six-month paid apprenticeship with a local participating company, usually in the role of help-desk or technical support. These internships often lead to permanent, full-time employment.

IT-Ready is offered by Creating IT Futures, an IT workforce charity founded by CompTIA.