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September 18, 2017

I’m a Technologist, Too: Meet Digital Journalist Melissa Hart – Owner & Operator, Bootstrap Communications

melissa hart

In previous posts, we defined the term “technologist,” a label that applies to people working in companies of all shapes and sizes across the country along a broad spectrum of industries – not just those that write software and make hardware. We explained that, while technologists have diverse interests and multifaceted personalities, most share five traits:

  1. A technologist thinks strategy first.
  2. A technologist has a passion for solving problems and a general sense of curiosity.
  3. A technologist sees technology in a constructive context.
  4. A technologist believes tech is about humans, not hardware.
  5. A technologist values respect, cooperation and collaboration.

Like good technologists, good journalists dig for facts. They want to know “the why” that explains an event or situation. They want to help their audience understand and connect.


After a career in journalism, Melissa Hart honed her communication and marketing skills to start a business with a goal to “Do most good.” As an independent consultant, she helps nonprofits and small businesses achieve greater impact through social media, fundraising, print and digital production, websites, design and email marketing.


Working for a rural development nonprofit in the Adirondack region of northern New York state turned Melissa into a jack of all trades. “I was the de facto IT person for the 10-person office, setting up email accounts for interns and new staff, trouble­shooting website issues and other on-the-job situations as they came up,” she said.


Now, she’s on her own and picking up clients all over New York’s North Country. “It’s great to help clients make their ideas come to life,” she said. Hart said a willingness to jump in and do what needs to be done has given her a career with a laid-back lifestyle — her preference over the city grind.


“Living in a rural place has its advantages,” she said. “Your tech skills are in high demand.”


You can see some of Melissa Hart’s work here on the Inspiring Success blog. She recently contributed a series of profiles about women technologists much like herself. See these posts:

What interesting places has your tech path taken you?

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