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Our approach with teens is based on two principles: build relationships and honor youth interests and passions.

 Inspiring Success


  • Middle school girls met up for the TechGirlz nationwide coding challenge and set the world record for the most girls coding at one time.
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Program Inception

In spring 2016, we partnered with the global design firm IDEO to tackle the challenge of how to steer teens toward tech careers. IDEO started by reviewing the 2015 Teen Views on Tech Careers white paper from Creating IT Futures. The study surveyed low- to middle-income, urban African-American and Hispanic teens who were B or C students and parents of this demographic to find out how both groups viewed tech jobs, college, and careers. The study gave IDEO a starting point for its qualitative research. 

Rather than advocating that we use a single source of information to attract teens to tech, the IDEO research convinced us to go directly to the teens. Through NextUp, teens have the chance to explore the world of technology through activities that interest them and to get to know tech professionals who love their work and want to share why they love it.

  • Q1

    What does NextUp do?
    NextUp creates opportunities for teens, develops excitement for technology, and builds a foundational awareness of tech careers in such a way that they will want to pursue a career in the tech industry. 
  • Q2

    How does NextUp work?

    We support programs that engage kids in grades 6 through 12 with tech within the context of their interests and connect them with mentors who work in the tech industry. We’ve supported 3 partner organizations: FUSE, New York Academy of Sciences and Technology Student Association, and recently acquired TechGirlz.

  • Q3

    How does NextUp build trust with teens?
    Influence comes from building trust. Trust is built on relationships. If we want to inspire teens to pursue tech as a profession, we need to connect them to individuals in the field who will get to know them and show them that a tech career is obtainable and accessible by many paths. We are partnering with like-minded organizations and forging partnerships to maximize available resources. 
  • Q4

    How does NextUp honor youth passions and interests?
    We identify intersections between students’ interests and tech.  We offer diverse entry points to give teens new ways to connect with technology. We guide, but don’t control teens’ choices. Emphasizing guidance rather than control helps to ensure that interactions with students and youth organizations feel genuine, neutral and welcome. 
  • Q5

    What does NextUp want to accomplish?
    We want to dramatically increase the number of students who are exposed to tech-related roles, activities, and working professionals. Our hope is that after students finish secondary school, their experiences and the relationships they forged through NextUp will lead them to pursue studies for a tech career. 

 Opportunities for Volunteering & Partnering

Together, we can inspire the next generation of technologists.


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FUSE Studios

NextUp has enabled 35 schools to have FUSE Studios. Teachers at those schools need tech professionals to help guide students.

FUSE Studios

new york academy of science


NYAS needs tech professionals to lead activities for their STEM camps.




TechGirlz is looking for more tech mentors and leaders to lead TechGirlz workshopz.


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State chapters for the Technology Student Association need volunteers to manage and judge competitions at their events.


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