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Creating IT Futures recently acquired our NextUp partner, TechGirlz, which has been working since 2009 in Philadelphia to reduce the gender gap in technology occupations. TechGirlz develops fun and educational hands-on workshops, called TechShopz, and an annual Entrepreneur Summer Camp. These efforts aim to get middle-school girls interested in different kinds of technology and demonstrate the varied options of careers available.


TechGirlz enables girls to interact with professionals who have carved out successful careers in technology fields and empower them to be future technology leaders. TechGirlz has reached more than 15,000 girls and is racing to reach 20,000 girls by 2020. Help their campaign to reach this huge milestone.

IT pros who wish to volunteer with TechGirlz can sign up here.


CompTIA members and IT pros who wish to volunteer can contact Alicia Park


Check out how TechGirlz is building confidence in girls while teaching them about tech.
Research shows that girls can lose interest in pursuing tech careers sometime between age 9 and the 9th grade. How can U.S. businesses prevent this potential loss of tech talent before these young women reach high school? Tracey Welson-Rossman, CMO of IT consulting firm Chariot Solutions, shares the mission of TechGirlzthe program she founded and Creating IT Futures recently acquired.