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March 15, 2018

I’m a Technologist, Too: Meet Comedian & Festival Producer Stephanie Hasz

In previous posts, we defined the term “technologist,” a label that applies to people working in companies of all shapes and sizes across the country along a broad spectrum of industries – not just those that write software and make hardware. We explained that, while technologists have diverse interests and multifaceted personalities, most share five traits:

  1. A technologist thinks strategy first.
  2. A technologist has a passion for solving problems and a general sense of curiosity.
  3. A technologist sees technology in a constructive context.
  4. A technologist believes tech is about humans, not hardware.
  5. A technologist values respect, cooperation and collaboration.

mgb1gc1LTX6vXlHrDqm5_full_Technologist Art 8We’ve heard the jokes about geeks, engineers, coders. Some of those jokes are funny because they cut through stereotypes to the truth. And the truth is technologists show up in some unusual places.


Comedian Stephanie Hasz’s unique voice has earned her a place in Chicago’s comedy scene. Her web skills and ability to put plans into action helped launch an independent comedy festival that draws emerging stand-up talent from around the country. As one of the founders of The Comedy Exposition, Hasz handles all technical activities for the event, plus the logistics and financial planning.


She relies on social media and internet connections to add fans and attract fresh talent to the lineup. Behind the scenes, she puts her tech skills to work, ensuring the festival planning runs smoothly. 

Stephanie Hasz


Data management was a bit of a snag during the first year of the expo, as the organizers found themselves caught in a web of emails and shared documents. But struggling through that problem provided motivation to solve it for the next year.


Hasz also applied her technical skills to work by building a custom content management system so the festival could accept submissions and share information directly through its website, making the event easier to manage — and more fun to experience.


“Technology helped me create a great project with my friends, which turned into a great experience for our audiences,” Hasz shared during her interview for Charles Eaton’s book How to Launch Your Teen’s Career in Technology: A Parent’s Guide to the T in STEM Education.


What interesting places has your tech path taken you?

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