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November 11, 2015

Help Our Military Vets Make a Successful Transition to Civilian Life

NyankoiAfter more than a dozen years of war, America continually has thousands of military men and women returning from service and trying to get back to civilian life. There are a number of organizations to help these valiant men and women, and CompTIA and Creating IT Futures have been happy to financially support these organizations such as Hire Heroes USA, Homes for Our Troops and Wounded Warrior Project.

Since its founding in 1998, Creating IT Futures has helped hundreds of military veterans get the training and certification they need to jump into the IT workforce and get started on a stable civilian career.

Each veteran possesses skills in high demand by the private sector – such as discipline, maturity, perseverance, and the ability to think critically, solve problems and work effectively with others. Our CompTIA members consistently tell us that new employees need not just the hard technical skills, but also soft skills – many of which can get honed through military service.

In 2012, we built our own training program to bring new people into the IT workforce and give them both the technical and soft skills they needed for employers. In our /developing-programs/it-ready">IT-Ready program, military veterans are one of the key student demographics we encourage to apply.

“As a serviceman, I have seen nothing like the IT-Ready program. Unlike regular school, where there’s disconnect between knowledge gained and practice, IT-Ready combines both in a way that is unprecedented – simple, steady and powerful,” said IT-Ready Graduate Nyankoi “Solo” Ngungkpan of the Minnesota National Guard.

Through IT-Ready, veterans of all occupational backgrounds and life experiences can be trained quickly to successfully enter the IT workforce – even if they don’t have prior IT experience. Over the past four years, IT-Ready has trained a number of veterans and helped place them into stable IT careers.

“The IT-Ready program is the best civilian training program I have ever attended,” said Joshua Phelps of the Iowa Army National Guard. “The transition from military life and service, to civilian life and a career, is the hardest part of military service. A lot of schools or universities like to announce how easy they make the transition for soldiers; but in my experience, this is not the case. The IT-Ready program deserves this boast. I attended IT-Ready almost six years after I was honorably discharged, and they were the individuals who helped me complete my career transition. Without them, I would not be working in the IT field today. IT-Ready offers veterans a chance to identify gaps in training required for civilian employment.”

Employers regularly give us praise about the IT-Ready graduates they hire, but the graduates who also have military service often get some of the highest praises. Our veteran graduates move up the ladder quickly once they’ve gotten their first IT job.

“The military provided me with the skillset to work under pressure in extreme environments. IT-Ready gave me the soft skills and tech skills to succeed in my IT role,” said National Guardsman Brant Backes. “My employer is extremely satisfied with all the hard work and dedication I put forth on a daily basis. Both the military and IT-Ready made it possible for me to be an effective technician with excellent customer feedback. I truly couldn’t have been any more prepared for this line of work than what IT-Ready and the military provided to me.”

Another graduate, National Guardsman Michael Dauffenbach, noted, “I was lucky to learn about the IT-Ready program from a veterans employment assistance program. IT-Ready helped me get my career in IT truly started and I haven't looked back since. My employer sees everyday my commitment to my job and the technical capability I brought with me from IT-Ready. IT-Ready takes the best of what the military gave me and molded it to fit the needs of IT around me giving me a plan for success.”

We asked some of our veteran graduates if they’d recommend the program to their fellow service members. Ronald Lilly, IT-Ready graduate and a Marine Corps veteran, answered, “I encourage all military personnel who enjoy working with modern technology to consider taking the course that IT Ready offers. IT-Ready is committed to helping our nation’s veterans in securing a bright future in a field that is rapidly growing and changing. I cannot thank IT-Ready and their staff enough for their gift to me.”

Army Veteran Phao Thor may have summed up advice to vets the best: “I had dreamed of getting into the IT field but didn't know how. The IT-Ready program made that dream possible. It helped paved the road for me and I'm still here. Don't ever stop dreaming and looking for what you really want in life.”

Veterans who wish to get started in an IT career can take the first step by applying for IT-Ready at