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December 11, 2019

Who is a Technologist? Our CEO, Award-Winning Author and Podcaster Charles Eaton Has Answers

In several posts to this blog over the last few years, Creating IT Futures CEO Charles Eaton has argued that teenagers – i.e., young people who today are in their middle and high school years – are the generation that ultimately can close the tech skills gap. That is if we can inspire them to start pursuing tech careers now.


Today, Eaton calls this mission “nurturing the next generation of technologists,” which he has articulated for parents and teens in his award-winning book, “How to Launch Your Teen’s Career in Technology” and illuminated for listeners through his podcast, Technologist Talk with Charles Eaton.


In recent years, Eaton’s dedication to this mission has supported innovative initiatives, such as NextUp, powerful programs, such as TechGirlz, and influential partnerships, such as the Technology Student Association (TSA).


During this season of gratitude, Creating IT Futures would like to express our gratitude toCharles Eaton speaks at U.S. News Workforce of Tomorrow Eaton for not only his leadership but his continuing commitment to answering one of the critical questions at the core of our mission: Who is a technologist?


And to celebrate Eaton’s contributions to leading the continuing conversation about successful careers working with technology, we offer a Podcast Flashback to his “5 Traits of a Technologist” series earlier this year:


  1. How to Train a Technologist Using Fortnite
  2. How Technologists Will Master Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Passion & Curiosity
  3. How to Tell the Difference Between Good Failures and Bad Ones
  4. Why You Don’t Have to Love Tech for a Successful Career Working with Technology
  5. How Technologists Make Unconscious Attitudes & Behaviors Conscious


Thanks, Charles! For being such a great storyteller on our behalf.


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