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Expanding Opportunities in IT Education and Workforce Development

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Empowering Girls in Tech

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Our Mission Is Your Mission:

Getting people into jobs and changing lives.

Developing On-ramps to IT Careers

We have proven programs that place adults into the tech workforce, and programs that ignite youth interest in tech careers. Join us in our mission to impact workforce development and STEM education.

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Inspiring Success

Learn more about how our programs are bringing both youth and adults into IT careers.

IT-Ready Technical Support

Creating IT Futures helps students land and succeed in IT jobs in order to grow the tech workforce. We’ve invested more than $3 million in developing, testing and proving our IT-Ready Technical Support classes within the CompTIA Tech Career Academy.


Since program launched in 2012, we’ve put hard-working adults back into the workforce where they can earn family-sustaining wages and drive the economic growth of this country.

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Inspire Teens

The mission of TechGirlz is to inspire middle school girls to explore technology in order to motivate future education and careers. We offer fun, interactive workshops led by industry professionals, leaders and students, and we share our curricula with companies, organizations, schools and community groups so they can foster tech curiosity among girls worldwide.

Technologist Talk

Produced by Creating IT Futures, Technologist Talk is an award-winning podcast featuring conversations with business leaders, workforce professionals and talent developers about shaping the careers of today’s and tomorrow’s technology workers.

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