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Best Practices in STEM

Our IT Futures Labs shines a light on the best schools, programs and teachers that are creating the next technologists – those who not only know how to use technology, but who understand how it works and apply it to help people overcome challenges. From developing after-school IT programs for youth to sharing best practices in classroom IT training, we bring you the best in tech-based STEM programs, so that you can implement ideas in your own local area.

For instance, read about El Dorado High School in El Paso, Texas, where students willingly come in on Saturdays to learn more about and work with IT. 

Want to see the El Dorado students in action. View a video on how students get the training and certifications to graduate IT job ready – whether they are college bound or not.

Many of the schools pursuing best practices in STEM are part of the CompTIA Authorized Academic Partner Program. CompTIA provides valuable tools and resources to assist schools in recruiting, training, certifying and upgrading the skills of their IT students. To join the program, fill out the online application at There is no fee to join.

Lessons from a Master Teacher
Seth Reichelson teaches AP (Advanced Placement) Computer Science at Lake Brantley High School in Altamont Springs, FL. Recently, Eric Larson of IT Futures Labs sat down with Seth to talk about attracting diverse students to IT and keeping them motivated and engaged. Watch Eric and Seth discuss diversity in the computer science classroom at the two videos below and see the full interview by registering for our free, on-demand webinar:

Seth shares his tips and techniques to keep students motivated here:

Or head over to the blog to read more about Seth’s enormously popular program.

For adult learners, IT Futures Labs is partnering with Fayetteville Tech Community College in North Carolina to help military servicemen going into civilian life get training and certifications to jumpstart their IT careers. Learn more about Transition Tech program for veterans through our video and whitepaper.

Have a suggestion on a school, program or teacher doing inspiration work in the tech part of STEM? Let us know. 

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