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Test Drive an IT Career

Is an Information Technology Career Right for You?

There’s one way to find out. Take IT for a test-drive.

IT professionals are problem solvers and continuously keep learning throughout their careers. They interface with people nearly as much or more than they do with technology. They listen to the issues a business has and then create or fix technology to improve the company’s success. Their jobs are indispensable, and IT pros become the go-to people in their companies.

An IT career offers stability, flexibility and unlimited potential. Plus IT jobs have average salaries well above the national median wage.

Learn more about what an IT career is like directly from the people in it. Watch the videos below to see how varied and fulfilling an IT career can be.

Web Manager - John

If content is king, John Holst is the power behind the throne. Ride along with John and learn what his day as a web manager is like. You might be surprised he spends as much time collaborating with colleagues as he does pounding on the keyboard. A career in web management offers great stability and an average salary of $87,000. 


Command Center Supervisor - Sharon

Buckle up for a ride with Sharon and learn what life is like as a command center supervisor. From problem solving to mentoring, Sharon loves working with customers and coworkers. Professionals like Sharon can make an average salary of $68,000, which is something else to love.


Training Manager - Reynold

As a training manager, Reynold Roberts is good at steering people to the right solutions. So climb in for an IT test drive and you’ll discover what he enjoys most about his work (hint: it’s the people). Training managers like Reynold can make an average salary of $76,000, which is another aspect of IT that many enjoy.


Senior Director of IT Infrastructure - Rob

See the view from the top with Rob Rohrman, senior director of IT infrastructure at CompTIA. Rob has global responsibilities for the organization’s networks and systems, but he’s well-prepared with a solid technical foundation and the ability to communicate with and understand people’s IT issues. Rob describes it as doing his hobby for a living, but fortunately senior professionals like Rob can earn an average salary of $103,000.

Web Developer - Carolyn

Carolyn O’Hearn doesn’t just cruise the information highway ‑ she’s actually building websites that populate it. Carolyn loves her work as a web developer, and she’s ready to show you why. Her career offers more than just workplace stability and flexibility; it also allows her to flex her creative muscles on a daily basis. Add great job security and an average industry salary of $87,000, and well, what’s not to love?


Manager of IT Security and Compliance - Willie

When you ride along with Willie Tatum, there’s never a dull moment. As a solutions architect and manager of IT Security and Compliance, Willie’s days are busy juggling all types of issues and solving an array of problems. Just try to keep up. You’ll soon see why IT professionals like Willie can earn an average salary of $103,000.


Help Desk Technician - Adrienne

Adrienne is on the move, so buckle up for this test drive. A help desk technician, Adrienne is passionate about helping people with their technology challenges and keeping them and their systems safe. She’s also passionate about moving up the ladder, so learning and earning are continual goals. If you’re an IT pro like Adrienne, you could earn an average salary of $68,000.

Service Delivery Manager - Mario

Mario Cadet takes you on a fast-paced ride through his day as a service delivery manager. Managing people, working with clients and solving problems keep Mario busy so his day goes by super-fast. You never stop learning in IT, which means the average industry salary of $68,000 could be just the beginning.


Chief Information Officer - Randy

Get the big picture when you ride along with Randy Gross, Chief Information Officer for CompTIA. Randy spends more time with people than with programs, solving problems and mapping strategy for the global technology organization. It’s a big job, and professionals like Randy can earn an average salary of $103,000. The most important quality for a career in IT? Randy says it’s a willingness to learn.


Network Operations Manager - Rob

Get ready for a fun ride with Rob Winchester, network operations manager for CompTIA. Rob’s been into computers since he was a kid… and he still loves playing with the latest gadgets and cool technology. But that’s just part of what makes his day interesting. Rob also makes sure CompTIA’s network stays up and running, all day, everyday. It’s a big responsibility. That’s why IT professionals like Rob can earn an average salary of $69,000.


Call Center Manager - Melissa

Melissa Lopez is going places ‑ mainly moving up in her career as a call center manager. Ride along as she shares what can happen when opportunity meets dedication and certification. Climbing the ladder of success takes effort, but with an average salary of $68,000 for IT professionals like Melissa, it’s also rewarding.


Supervisor - Mohammad

When Mohammad needed to fix his computer, he started watching online videos for tips. Who knew that would lead to a successful IT career? Ride along with Mohammad as he takes you through his day as a manager at ASI System Integration. Mohammad took an unusual route into IT, but it’s clearly paid off for him. Just like others in the field, who earn an average salary of $68,000.


Senior Project Manager - Amber

Want to make things happen? Ride shotgun with Amber and you’ll see how projects stay on track, from start to finish. Amber’s great communications skills, attention to detail and genuine respect for her colleagues make her the perfect project manager. Sound like you? Office productivity professionals earn an average salary of $37,000.


Business Systems Director - Jennifer

Get ready for a fast-paced, fun ride with Jennifer Case, business systems director for CompTIA. Jennifer’s career gives her lots of satisfaction — from making people happy to watching things change, to providing a secure foundation for raising her five children. IT professionals in the storage and data fields earn an average salary of $94,000.


Network Engineer Specialist - Tim

At the intersection of people and computers, you’ll find Tim Sliazas, network engineer specialist at CompTIA. When people have problems with their computers or networks, Tim gets the call. Keeping up with new technology is challenging and rewarding, and professionals like Tim can earn an average salary of $69,000.


Systems Engineer - Matt

Ride along with Matt Pineiro as he shares a brief glimpse into his day as a systems engineer. If you’re a quick study and like to learn, you’re halfway there. Positions like Matt’s offer an average industry salary of $68,000 and advanced certifications can boost that even higher.


Customer Relations Manager - Vivian

How is IT like a crossword puzzle? Go for a spin with Vivian and find out. Vivian loves to solve problems, which makes her career as a customer relations manager a great fit. And with an average salary of $68,000 for professionals in this area, it fits even better.

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