CompTIA’s UK Channel community offers support to tech charities serving youths, seniors

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CompTIA’s UK Channel community offers support to tech charities serving youths, seniors

Oct 02, 2017

The UK Channel, a member community at CompTIA, has chosen to give £4000 to the charities AbilityNet and TeenTech to support their programming for youth, disabled and elderly. 

Each year, CompTIA member groups have the opportunity to give back to their respective communities through charitable donations. The annual process brings positive awareness to selected charities and CompTIA, and serves as a way of encouraging members to engage in good works.

“Technology plays such an important part in our modern world and its use can positively change people’s lives forever. TeenTech and AbillityNet are two organisations focused on helping people to achieve their potential through either a technology career or utilising technology in their day-to-day living. We commend these organisations for their vision and are delighted to support their charitable work in 2017,” said Steve Ross, managing director, Shackleton Technologies, and vice chair, CompTIA’s UK Channel Community. 

abilitynet3AbilityNet is a UK-based charity that helps disabled and older people of all ages use computers and the Internet to achieve goals at home, at work and in education. The nonprofit provides a range of services that include personalized workplace and education assessments, digital accessibility testing and computer support in people's homes. It also offers a wide range of free expert resources that can be accessed through its website.

Nigel Lewis, AbilityNet’s chief executive officer, said that the organization directly has helped nearly 157,000 people, with nearly half a million people accessing its website for resource information. AbilityNet’s 250 volunteers also have provided IT support and training to nearly 2,000 disabled people and senior citizens within their homes.

“AbilityNet is delighted to have received the £4,000 donation from CompTIA, which we will use to support disabled people in using technology better within their own homes,” he said. “With these funds, we have been able to train our volunteers in the use of software that allows a disabled person to use speech with their technology. These volunteers now have the knowledge and software to support hundreds of disabled people across the UK.”

TeenTech runs lively initiatives and an awards program to help teenagers see the wide range of career possibilities in science, engineering and technology. TeenTech works collaboratively with companies, universities and education partners to build sustainable and imaginative programs in the UK and Europe. TeenTech is deliberately sited in areas of great social need, and 50 percent of its participants are girls or students with mixed ability.  

“We are delighted to have been chosen by CompTIA for this donation. As you might imagine, we are incredibly proud of the impact TeenTech is making on the lives of young people. What has been especially touching has been the swell of volunteer support not only from industry but from TeenTech alumni who are determined to help their peers understand that technology is all about people,” said Maggie Philbin, CEO and co-founder, TeenTech. “Schools working with us are reporting impressive statistics for the long-term impact of our projects. One school has seen the number of students studying design and technology increase by 300 percent over five years of engagement. Another saw the number of girls choosing physics increase from 43 percent to 87.5 percent over three years.”

The UK Channel community consists of resellers, solution providers, distributors, vendors and channel associates. It offers UK-based companies engaged in IT delivery services a forum for geocentric discussion, and provides an understanding of how CompTIA can best serve the UK channel and its members. Learn more here.


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