CompTIA member communities contribute $35,000 to Genesys Works

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CompTIA member communities contribute $35,000 to Genesys Works

Sep 14, 2017
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Six CompTIA member communities chose to donate $35,000 to the nonprofit organization, Genesys Works.

Their joint contribution is part of an annual process by CompTIA to give back to local communities through philanthropy, bringing positive awareness to selected charities and CompTIA, and acting as a way of encouraging individual charitable service.

This year, CompTIA’s member communities and councils chose to support 17 nonprofit organizations, giving a total of $170,000 to philanthropic causes.

The mission of Genesys Works is to transform the lives of disadvantaged high-school students through skills training, meaningful internships and impactful relationships —working toward a future when all youth finish high school equipped and empowered with the knowledge and skills required to achieve career success and a lifetime of economic self-sufficiency.

Rafael Alvarez, the founder and CEO of Genesys Works, said the donation by CompTIA’s member communities and councils would be applied to helping Genesys Works expand into cities it hasn’t worked before.

“Launching Genesys Works programs in multiple cities across the country is an exciting initiative and one that will allow us to serve thousands of disadvantaged youth,” he said. “The generous gift we received from the CompTIA communities is key to enriching our program and increasing efficiencies. This gift will enable us to integrate systems and invest in technology, which will ensure we grow and place as many high-school students into meaningful IT and business internships as possible.”  

The CompTIA member communities that contributed to Genesys Works include:

  • Advancing Diversity in Technology, seeks to be the leading advocate for the advancement of African-Americans, Hispanics and Latinos within the technology industry who have traditionally been underrepresented.
  • Cloud, consisting of independent IT software vendors, solution providers and tech-industry thought leaders driving new ideas in cloud computing.
  • Future Leaders, founded with the idea of understanding and embracing the multi-generational workforce and building best practices.
  • IT Security, which watches the security landscape to stay on top of ever-changing challenges.
  • IT Services & Support, developing new and sustainable approaches to help push the IT services industry forward, and
  • Managed Services, working to advance the managed IT services industry through best practices, the development of tools and templates, and the refining of educational tracks for MSPs.

Genesys Works was started by Alvarez, then a corporate strategist for Compaq Computer in Houston. While serving as a board member of a local charter school, Alvarez was struck by the bleak prospects facing economically challenged high-school students at a time when companies like his needed new sources of talent.

An idea for a new social enterprise emerged: Train students in the IT services needed in large companies and place them as outsourced contracted talent with corporate clients. It would improve the prospects for low-income high-school students while introducing a new stream of diverse talent to corporate America. 

Starting with only 10 students and one corporate partner, Genesys Works since has grown into a national philanthropic organization.      

“Supporting Genesys Works in improving the lives of disadvantaged youth was an easy decision for the executive council of Advancing Diversity in Technology and Future Leaders communities,” said Yvette Steele, senior manager, member communities, CompTIA. “Genesys Works provides an on-ramp into the growing tech industry and skills needed for successful careers, transforming lives from struggling to striving. It’s a win-win for students as well as organizations building a diverse workforce.”



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