CompTIA’s Business Applications Advisory Council donates $10,000 to NPower

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CompTIA’s Business Applications Advisory Council donates $10,000 to NPower

Sep 07, 2017

BAAC Donation Image-npowerMembers of CompTIA’s Business Applications Advisory Council (BAAC) elected to give $10,000 to NPower.

Their contribution is part of an annual process by CompTIA to give back to local communities through philanthropy, bringing positive awareness to selected charities and CompTIA, and acting as a way of encouraging individual charitable service.

NPower is a nonprofit organization that envisions a future where the country’s domestic technology workforce is diverse, and clear pathways exist for all people regardless of ethnicity, gender or socioeconomic background to succeed in the digital economy. Through early intervention in public schools, training of untapped youth and military veterans, and corporate engagement, NPower intends to narrow both the local digital skills gap and the income gap.

The organization’s goal is to place a minimum of 15,000 young adults and veterans in entry-level, career-track digital jobs in the next five years, and cumulatively serve nearly 20,000 alumni.

“At NPower, we improve the shared economic prosperity of individuals, families and communities, closing the income gap while strengthening the overall competitiveness of U.S. businesses,” said Bertina Ceccarelli, CEO of NPower. “We are grateful to CompTIA for their continued generosity and support of our work.”

NPower’s signature training model includes:

  • Tech Fundamentals, a 22-week program comprised of 15 weeks in-class instruction and professional skills building, followed by a seven-week paid internship. Coursework focuses on basic tech competencies needed for entry-level IT employment and an opportunity to earn CompTIA A+ and other certifications.
  • Advanced Certifications, a program designed to prepare NPower alumni for more advanced IT employment in fields such as cybersecurity, coding and enterprise service management. 

To date, NPower has trained more than 2,000 veterans and young adults annually with an average job placement rate of 80 percent. NPower graduates report earning salaries 52 percent higher than what they were making before entering the program.

“The tech and IT industry has always been a powerful force to help individuals climb the economic ladder, said Sunir Shah, president of the Small Business Web and co-chair of the BAAC. “Supporting individuals seeking to improve their lives by entering this industry not only helps them, their families and their communities, but also helps build the next generation of the workforce so desperately needed by our rapidly growing industry.”

Fellow BAAC Co-Chair Joan Scola, vice president of Cloud Channels & Strategy at SAP, added, “We’re super excited to see the BAAC select NPower for our annual charitable donation. The importance of nurturing and creating the IT workforce of the future is critical to ensuring the progress of the IT industry. Having a diversified, robust and well-equipped IT workforce will guarantee the long-term growth and prosperity for the industry and those enabling the organizations within. NPower’s mission and vision deliver upon that promise.”

BAAC helps develop and validate industry education and training while advocating on behalf of the IT industry. Learn more about the council here.


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