CompTIA’s public sector council donates $10,000 to combat opioid dependence

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CompTIA’s public sector council donates $10,000 to combat opioid dependence

Sep 05, 2017

Members of CompTIA’s public sector community, the State & Local Government and Education (SLED) Council, gave $10,000 to The Pew Charitable Trusts to support the nonprofit organization in battling the country’s opioid dependence crisis.

SLED Blog ImageNancy Bell, left, and Sharon Ortiz-Garcia analyze data on hospitalizations,
overdose deaths and infectious diseases related to opioid and heroin
use for the Virginia health department’s West Piedmont Health District
in Martinsville.

Their contribution is part of an annual process by CompTIA to give back to local communities through philanthropy, bringing positive awareness to selected charities and CompTIA, and acting as a way of encouraging individual charitable service.  

SLED is a consortium of technology-company executives who share a common mission to be a voice for the IT industry serving state and local government and education markets. Members, guided by an executive council, collaborate with CompTIA staff, state government affairs advocates and other resources to drive member-led initiatives that advance the interests of the IT industry in those markets. 

The donation to the Pew Charitable Trusts will support that organization’s prescription drug monitoring program, which uses state-operated electronic databases to monitor controlled substances prescribed and dispensed by physicians and pharmacists.

“Technology can help us tackle the most important problems that face our citizens,” said Jennifer Axt, SLED Council chair and general manager of Dell EMC’s North America SLED business. “Our SLED Council members recognized the Pew Charitable Trust’s work to realize the great potential of technology to help solve complicated public health problems like the opioid crisis.”

The independent, nonprofit Pew Charitable Trusts is driven by the power of knowledge to solve today’s most challenging problems. A global research and public policy organization, Pew operates as a non-partisan, non-governmental organization dedicated to serving the public. Informed by the founders’ interest in research, practical knowledge and a robust democracy, the organization’s portfolio has grown over time to include public opinion research; arts and culture; and environmental, health, state and consumer policy initiatives. 

The mission of The Pew Charitable Trusts is to:

  • Improve public policy by conducting rigorous analysis, linking diverse interests to pursue common cause and insisting on tangible results,
  • Inform the public by providing useful data that illuminate the issues and trends shaping our world, and
  • Invigorate civic life by encouraging democratic participation and strong communities.

Cynthia Reilly, project director at The Pew Charitable Trusts, said that SLED’s contribution would help her organization with its controlled substance monitoring program. Increased prescribing of opioids has been a primary driver of the country’s current abuse epidemic, she said, so reducing the overprescribing of these therapies is a primary focus to reverse current trends.

“State-based electronic databases that contain information on controlled substance prescriptions can help reduce the misuse and ‘diversion’ — the redirection of drugs from legal, medically authorized use to illegals uses — of controlled substances, including prescription opioids. And they can make a real difference in reducing opioid misuse,” Reilly said. “We greatly appreciate CompTIA’s support of our efforts.”

Learn more about how SLED — as well as technology in general — helps the public sector by clicking here.   


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