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  • 4 Tips for Writing Cover Letters

    171114_360_Classroom Not every hiring manager reads cover letters, but for those that do, they’re a perfect opportunity to showcase your unique style and experiences. Use these four tips to help your next cover letter better sell you to hiring managers.
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  • How to Convince Employers to Embrace IT Internships

    GretchenConference400px The reason most employers shy away from internships is because they’re under the impression they must provide all four components: project, place, personnel and payment. But what if a few companies worked together to provide one single internship?
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  • How to Succeed in Tech: Tips for Your First Year in IT

    crush-your-first-year-in-it-blog-image Logan Murphy, a technology consultant and developer who helps new IT pros navigate the landscape of their early careers, offers advice on how to learn your craft, build relationships and prepare for the next step in your IT career.
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  • The role of continuing education in workforce development programs

    A career in tech is leading to surreal days for many individuals. After completing their respective workforce development programs, more students are pursuing additional certifications, allowing them to gain more knowledge and work on projects that a year prior they would not have understood.
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  • Workforce Development Helps Complete the Career Mission

    #FacesOf_Week4_Brittany Not all success stories start with certification and end in IT. While we strive for 100 percent certification rate and placement in IT-specific jobs through IT-Ready, some stories take time to evolve and lead to new career opportunities, even outside of IT.
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  • Motivating Factors In Workforce Development

    #FacesOf_Week3_Ahmed Ahmed Mohmaed didn’t pass his first certification exam. Discouraged, but not defeated, he said that his family supported him during the certification testing and re-testing.
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  • Celebrating the Faces of Workforce Development

    #FacesOf_PreviewBlog_web The #FacesOf Showcase educates people on how workforce development programs are changing lives. Not only do these programs enable individuals to achieve their wildest dreams, such as buying a house or a car, but it also affords them the opportunity to achieve real-life necessities like providing food for their family.
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  • 10 Critical Skills for Today’s IT Workforce

    todd-thumb-web CompTIA President and CEO Todd Thibodeaux spoke to IT professionals and students about the top 10 skills needed by today’s IT workforce. Take a look at the list to find the areas in which you excel and those in which you can focus your professional development.
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  • Busting 7 Myths about Technology Careers – Part 2

    BustTheTechMyths 7 myths could derail today’s teens from becoming tomorrow’s technologists – unless we bust them.
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  • Earn and Learn During CompTIA’s Virtual IT Pro Day

    it-pro-day Get practical advice related to infrastructure, development, security and data — plus insider tech talk on virtual reality and cybersecurity — during CompTIA’s free, live-streamed IT Pro Day.
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  • How Might an Applicant Tracking System Affect Your Career in IT

    Resume Getting a job in IT can be a tough and confusing marathon. Check into our new blog series on what many job seekers overlook. Since the landscape is always changing, you must stay up-to-date on the newest trends or you might end up being your own worst enemy in your job search.
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  • Genesys Works Receives $45,000 Philanthropic Gift from CompTIA Communities

    Genesys Works check CompTIA’s Cloud, IT Security, IT Services & Support, Managed Print and Managed Services Communities support nonprofit’s mission of transforming teens’ lives through IT skills training.
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  • Customer Service Skills: What Kind of Movie Are You Showing?

    Classroom Getting out of your own novel, your own inner thoughts, might help you find out how your customers perceive you and how you react to them. Lessons learned in our PrepareU soft skills course can give people a sense of who you are through your words and actions.
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  • Introducing NextUp: CompTIA’s new initiative to inspire future technologists

    charles at channelcon keynote In his keynote address at CompTIA’s ChannelCon 2016 conference, CEO Todd Thibodeaux presented this challenge to hundreds of IT executives: How can our industry attract the best and brightest for the next generation workforce?
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  • LinkedIn Blog Series: How LinkedIn Should Differ From Your Resume

    LinkedIn-Resume It’s easy to see the similarities between your resume and your LinkedIn profile. They are both places to share your professional experience. However, if you understand the differences and take the time to utilize the tools available on LinkedIn, you’ll have a complimentary profile where your connections (and potential employers) can learn more about you.
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  • LinkedIn Blog Series: The Value of a LinkedIn Profile

    linkedin LinkedIn is an immensely powerful tool that will help advance your career. For the job seeker and potential employer or recruiter, LinkedIn serves as the online resume which can help the job candidate be found or the potential employer get a picture of that candidate.
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  • Members of CompTIA’s ITSS Community develops online resource to support talent acquisition

    IT-earning-index Community develops online tool offering descriptions of IT positions that companies have the hardest time filling, as well as the skills needed to succeed in them.
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  • IT-Ready tackles under-representation of women in the tech industry by offering gender-centric class

    WomenOnlyClass Free women-only IT-Ready class provided training and certification to help participants secure their first paid position in the tech industry.
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  • Are all IT training programs truly fulfilling employer needs?

    CharlesEaton A new report from JPMorgan Chase reveals uncertainty about how well tech-training programs are meeting employers’ needs. The report looks beyond the hype of the tech worker boom by charting growth and challenges that face IT training programs, and evaluating what efforts work best.
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  • Five Tech Skill Trends to Watch in 2016

    5TechTrends_Jan16_1 The world needs more IT professionals, specifically those with non-traditional IT skills, hybrid IT skills, adaptive IT skills, commodified data analytics ability and simple creativity. These are the skills to watch this year… and beyond.
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