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  • Not a Short-Term Crush

    For 30 years now, educators and business leaders have all but begged teenaged girls to consider careers in technology. And for 30 years, their pleas have largely fallen short. As a result, the technology industry overwhelmingly remains male. Although women account for nearly half of the U.S. workforce, only about a quarter of information technology (IT) workers are female.
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  • Finding a Home: One Man Embarks on a Quest for the American Dream

    The black and white photograph shows a young boy in Thailand holding a small chalkboard scribbled with his name and a refugee number. He looks directly into the camera, as if searching for his future. Today that boy is an American citizen, but the man, Nhia Yang, now 38, still looks ahead with hope in his eyes.
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  • Assessing for Success

    It was the last day of assessments, a day that would determine the final make-up of Cincinnati’s second IT-Ready class which prepares individuals for a CompTIA A+ certification and a full-time paid apprenticeship with a local company. The candidate arrived barely on time, breathing heavily and sweating. Despite the shaky start, he passed his assessment exams and his interview went well.
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  • A Moving Moment

    Attendees of Breakaway 2012 in Las Vegas ran into the usual suspects in Sin City, as Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr., and Dean Martin (or the late Rat Pack’s best impersonators, at least) provided the final night’s entertainment. But also making his way to the stage at Breakaway was one total newcomer to the Vegas scene.
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  • Let the Apprenticeships Begin

    “Did you pass? Great job!” Adam Turner, instructor for the IT-Ready class in Cincinnati, found himself speaking these words into his cell phone repeatedly the past few weeks as his students reported their CompTIA A+ certification exam results. Within three weeks of classes ending, more than 80 percent of participants in the two IT-Ready classes had achieved certification, making them ready for the next stage of the IT-Ready program: an interview for a paid six-month apprenticeship with a local company.
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