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  • Table Tennis Tech Tournament (T4Youth) returns for a second year

    ChiTech fundraiser to bring 30+ Chicago tech companies together for competition
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  • Moving teens from IT users to potential IT employees

    More than 90 percent of teens report going online daily. Yet despite the fact teens are comfortable using technology, IT is not an intuitive career path for many. Joan Matz is trying to change that.
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  • Tech High School to Launch First Graduates

    In some respects, the senior class at Chicago Tech Academy is no different from soon-to-be-graduates of other public high schools. The 70 seniors (the school’s first since the academy debuted in 2008) have asked a Top 40 personality to speak at their graduation ceremony, and they are thinking about doing a goofy dance before they walk onto the stage to accept their diplomas.
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  • To Build a Career: CompTIA Tech Team Shares its Knowledge

    It’s not every day that Edgar Flores gets to teach a group of students how to build a computer from the ground up. Fortunately, these students weren’t afraid to dive right in. “When it came time to building the computer, they recognized everything from their prior learning and it turned out to be a breeze for them,” said Flores, 23, a network engineer at CompTIA who, along with his colleague Robert Winchester, is volunteering to get more young people interested in information technology (IT) careers.
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  • The School That Didn’t Need Its Principal

    Chicago Tech Academy has had remarkably low turnover among teachers for a start-up high school. The same can’t be said for its principals — two have come and go in as many years. Which is why the school’s board of directors took a long, hard look in the mirror last year and thought: Maybe it’s not them. Maybe it’s us.
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  • A New App for Innovation

    Chicago Tech Academy is one of the early trend-spotters to notice that young people equate mobile application technology with the future of computing — and a career that pays. In Spring 2011, a small group of us from CompTIA and the Creating IT Futures Foundation had the pleasure of paying a visit to the Chicago Tech Academy, a charter high school in a rough part of Chicago that teaching leadership and technical skills to diverse group of motivated young people.
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