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Keep reading and find your path in IT. 9 HELPDESK TECHNICIAN Working the helpdesk is a great way to get started in IT. If you know your way around your computer and have mastered your smartphone you may already have the basic skills to get started. Companies are looking for employees with Excellent problem-solving skills. Patience. An ability to multitask. An interest in learning about new technologies. Not only are you helping individuals find solutions to their problems by recording and tracking the kinds of problems customers confront you can also help the software and hardware designers improve the product. Companies are hiring all over the U.S. so helpdesk positions are available in places where you want to live. Even if you have your IT career all mapped out it doesnt hurt to keep your options open. The first steps in training and certification allow you to gain universal skills in a variety of technologies and operating systems. This will help you Earn a higher salary. Have a competitive edge among qualified candidates. Find more potential career opportunities. CompTIA A certification will quantify your skills placing the depth and range of your experience in one internationally recognized credential. So whether you want to be a network administrator field tech or IT specialist take the first steps to boost your prospects and ensure a brighter career future. CompTIA A Certification aplus Fact A candidates customer-service skills are rated by many tech employers as being just as important as technical ability.