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Dale Burkett credits the beginning of his career with a basic fascination with technology. I was always an early adopter. I was walking around with a blue light in my ear and everyone was like What is that and I said Its Bluetooth Im fascinated by technology and watching the market to see how it evolves. Burkett was at first an unlikely candidate for a tech career. He grew up in Trinidad a Caribbean country where in the 1970s and 1980s computers were rare to come across. Burkett successfully lobbied his father to buy one. Dad had the foresight to make that investment in my future he recalls. When his family immigrated to Brooklyn Burkett was delighted to find computers in his school. His high school years were spent focused on learning all he could about the machines. Thinking the degree would help him learn even more aboutcomputersBurkettenrolledincollegeatCityCollege ofNewYorkforelectricalengineering.Surprisinglyhefound himself losing interest in classes. So he took some time off to work for Macys in the stores electronics department. I needed a new start he says so he transferred to North Carolina State University in Raleigh North Carolina to study mechanical engineering which helped him understand the cooling components and measurements of a circuit board. Even more important he realized he loved the problem-solving nature of engineering. The engineer is no longer the guy with the pocket protector. Its someone who sees a need and develops something to meet that need. Just having that natural inquisitive nature and the methodology to figure out a solution is important. A college internship at IBM in Research Triangle Park in North Carolina turned into a full-time position after graduation. When IBMs laptop manufacturing division was acquired by Lenovo in 2005 Burkett moved just six miles away to Lenovos new North American headquarters. At Lenovo he transitioned into a new key role every few years. In 2014 he became senior manager of the companys enterprise storage team ensuring that client companies worldwide have the required amount of server storage space available to them exactly when they need it. Moving up from purely technical positions into managementhasbeenagradualandrewardingprogression for Burkett. Its all about evolving. Its adding to the bank of knowledge that I have. Its another feather in the cap. Looking back on his career in tech Burkett sees that he has found a way for technology to work for him not the other way around. Some look at technology as intimidatingbutitsnot.Wearethemastersoftechnology. Tech Adventurer Finding a way for technology to work for him not the other way around. Learn more about Dales story at at httptinyurl.comqhrdlva 8 Learn more.