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When a company has a lot of computer data it needs to recoveritneedsthepowerofMMirandaMonahanthatis. MirandaMonahan37isthepresidentofM-PowerTech the company she founded in Bradenton Florida in 2011. And to think she started out her IT career as a receptionist. In 2000 she was just in college answering the phone for a small IT dot-com company that sold hardware such as desktops laptops printers servers and accessories. The longer she worked there the more she learned about the products and services the company was selling. Every day the director of sales would walk in and Id ask her When are you going to hire me on your sales team Monahan figured she could sell product too and make a lot more money doing that than just routing calls. The sales director made her a deal If someone called the office looking to buy a product or service Monahan From Receptionist to Entrepreneur Constant learning and building of confidence made Mirandas IT career soar. Learn more about Mirandas story at httptinyurl.comnq8uwfo 4 Learn more.