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Pathways is a publication of the Creating IT Futures Foundation and CompTIA. A PDF version of Pathways is available at For additional copies of the magazine contact us at 630.678.8300 2015 Creating IT Futures Foundation Inc. All rights reserved. Brands and company names mentioned here may be trademarks or service marks of Creating IT Futures Foundation or of their respective owners. Reproduction or dissemination prohibited without written consent of Creating IT Futures Foundation. 01552-Aug2015 Established in 1998 as the philanthropic arm of the IT Industry Association. Evenifyoudonthavenecessarytechnicalskillsrightnowyoucanlearnthem.Infactmorethanmost professions IT involves a willingness to learn new things every day. Knowledge becomes obsolete pretty quickly in IT but what you learn now can provide a frame of reference for what you learn next. Find your IT Career Path IT is really about using technology to solve peoples problems. Non-profit and for-profit training organizations high school computer classes and community colleges can prep you for an IT career. Check to make sure they incorporate curriculum aligned with industry certifications so that the training best fits the up-to-date skills needed in the tech workforce. CompTIAs certification roadmap roadmap shows what types of jobs are available in IT and which IT skills and certifications are needed for each. Inside this magazine read the stories of those who have succeeded in IT. Then take the first step on your own IT pathway. Learn more about IT careers at CompTIAs Skillsboost website Myth You need a four-year IT college degree. Reality Several pathways can help you get started in an IT career without a degree.