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13 Keep reading and find your path in IT. NETWORK ADMINISTRATOR Network professionals are essential personnel who keep their entire organizations connected whether its a small garage startup or an international company. Its a position that requires not only insight into how your group works but also how to grow the network to its full potential. In restaurant management duties include detailing inventory tracking profit margins and enacting payroll. A restaurant manager with top notch networking skills ensures a highly efficient and profitable restaurant. Financial consultation firms must keep their client information not only secure but also up to date. At such a firm you might be responsible for accounts of up to millions of dollars in value and subject to constantly fluctuating economic conditions. In a hospital electronic patient records must be readily available for doctors and nurses to provide the best care. Here your work will fulfill your organizations mission for excellent health care and service to the community. CompTIA Certification httpcertification.comptia.orgnetworkplus Fact Learn to install configure and administer networks and you can bring home an average salary of 79770 a year. Source May 2014