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12 Learn more. The way Melissa Lopez sees it the IT industry truly is an equal opportunity employer. I definitely believe women can succeed just as much as meninITsaysLopezcallcentermanagerforASISystem Integration. The female technicians who work here the field technicians the system engineers are some of our best people. In her role at ASI System Integration Lopez ensures that customers get the technical support they need. The computer is used for so many things paying bills running businesses so when the computer is down making sure that it is running again is my main concern she said. And the IT industry definitely represents opportunity for people who enjoy working with others she said. People skills are important she said. Even when you dont know exactly what to do having people skills and a proper dialogue with the customer gives you the opportunity to figure it out or time to look it up. And for women who are motivated the IT industry has no glass ceiling Lopez suggests. The more you learn the more youre worth she said. Technologyisagreatfieldtobeinbecauseitsineverything and its growing every day. This is a technology world. Opportunity for All Its a technology world and its growing every day. Hear Melissas story as well as those of other IT professionals at www.comptia.orgtestdrive