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11 Keep reading and find your path in IT. Richard Rieben went into IT directly after high school and later went back to college but kept adding IT certifications and cybersecurity skills to propel his career. While he was working he attended classes online and in-person and earned an associates degree in business management from Sinclair Community College around age 30. He then continued his education at Western Governors University and completed a bachelors degree in business management and later completed his MBA in IT management. In addition to his formal studies Rieben earned several industry certifications including CompTIA Security CompTIA Project CompTIA Network and his CISSP PMP FITSP-M and Certified Scrum Master certifications. With his experience education and certifications he evaluates cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities to determine how to protect various IT systems and websites. He ultimately took on a role providing cybersecurity and IT project management expertise as a contractor for the United States Air Force at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Fairborn Ohio. He also works as an operations manager for Robbins Gioia headquartered in Alexandria Virginia and helps clients assess and overcome gaps in their cybersecurity positions. With Riebens assistance organizations can better understand their risks and learn to combat ongoing cyber-threats. Rieben recommends three things to people who want to pursue a career in IT First start with the basics. Keep in mind that IT is a field that is constantly shifting in terms of tools and technologies but if you want to break into IT as a career field be sure to address soft skills that are always in demand. Hiring managers want employees who can think on their own and communicate effectively with co-workers and superiors. Second find yourself a mentor. Third never stop learning. Keeping America Safe from Cyber Threats Help organizations understand their risks and learn to combat ongoing threats. Learn more about Richards story at httptinyurl.comppxv2q4