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Internet and computer security are at greater risk of breaches and hacks than ever. IT security professionals have the same cutting-edge skills as hackers but use their knowledge to defend privacy secure businesses protect governments and safeguard individuals. 10 IT SECURITY PROFESSIONAL CompTIA Security and CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner CASP certifications offer diverse professional career paths. Here are just some of them Computer Crime Investigation You trace attacks by hackers and others who have gotten past security. Security Systems Testers By hacking for the good guys you use your skills to find the weak links and back doors in security systems. Security Design and Implementation You create and maintain systems that protect software computers and mobile devices from spyware hacking viruses and other security breaches. Learn more. Fact Hundreds of thousands of cybersecurity professionals are in demand. The average IT security pro makes more than 91600 a year. Source Bureau of Labor Statistics May 2014 CompTIA Certification securityplus