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Helping fuel the future of IT

Congratulations to the recent graduates of IT-Ready Omaha!


Here at the Creating IT Futures Foundation, our goal is to create the next generation of technologists to meet the needs of the IT industry. We’ve tested what works in IT workforce development. We’ve reviewed and researched adult training programs and IT classes at secondary schools. We’ve talked to teens, their parents, out-of-work but hardworking Americans, industry leaders and educators.

So, what can we do next? Let’s take a look…

Creating the Next Generation of Technologists

For the past two years, we’ve been honing new processes and programs at the Creating IT Futures Foundation - all in quest to see what will turn the tide.  


Check out what we’ve been up to.  

Test Drive an IT Career With Us!

The Creating IT Futures Foundation along with CompTIA launched a new video campaign to help students, parents, teachers, counselors or anyone interested in learning more about a career in IT “test drive” a range of technology jobs.

Watch Willie’s video here.

Breaking Through:
Helping Tomorrow’s Tech Heroes

Just about every older sitcom series you ever watched has aired the following episode: Two or more of the regular cast are hiking in a cave when the ceiling falls out behind them. When the dust clears, they realize their way out is blocked.  

What happens next?

IT-Ready Provides Qualified IT Workers To Minneapolis Employers

When Cindy Taraldson, the service desk supervisor at HealthPartners, sees IT-Ready on a resume, she always brings that individual in for an interview because she knows he or she will be a highly qualified candidate.

Andy Setzer had the opportunity to apprenticeship with HealthPartners after he graduated with IT-Ready.

Read more about Andy’s experiences with IT-Ready and HealthPartners.

CompTIA’s New IT Learning Exchange Aims to Close One State’s IT Skills Gap

Research shows youths — and their parents — don’t intuitively consider IT as a future career path because they don’t know enough about related opportunities and skills. A new online program spearheaded by CompTIA aims to tackle that challenge.

Read on to learn more about the Illinois IT Learning Exchange.


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State of IT Skills Quick Take, by Amy Corrado

Why investments in IT professional development are worth it.

New Initiative for Cybersecurity Education

CompTIA and LifeJourney™ collaborate to raise cyber awareness in nation’s classrooms.

IT-Ready Students

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We help populations that are under-represented in IT and individuals who are lacking in opportunity to prepare for, secure and be successful in IT careers.


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