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Tech Career Research: The Power of a Parent


As we continue to share with you the results of our research project on urban teens and IT careers, we focus this month on parents. You might be surprised (we were!) by some of the statistics.

Read on to learn more about the parents’ view of IT careers. (If you missed last month’s series kickoff, catch up here.)

Youth Look to Parents for Career Guidance

In a research project earlier this year looking into youth and IT careers, Creating IT Futures sought to learn how parents fit into the equation. Turns out they matter in a big way.  

Learn more here. 

Back To School in the IT Age

Back to School means more than shopping for binders and pencils. It also means learning new things — and learning in new ways.

Technology has worked its way into the classroom over the past several years, and it is clear that this year will see even more new ways for teachers to incorporate IT into their classrooms. Check out some tech-in-education trends that have been popping up in the media lately.  

Aiding the Long-Term Unemployed

Nearly 40 percent of all unemployed persons have been searching for a job for 27 weeks or longer. That’s about 3.8 million Americans. Our 8-week IT-Ready program gets long-term unemployed individuals working again.

Learn more about our IT-Ready program.

IT-Ready Progress Report – 2014

IT-Ready is growing nationally thanks to the support of participating employers and a strategic partnership with Per Scholas.

Check out the numbers that help tell the story of this growing program.


employ-a-graduate support-our-cause

White House Promotes Coding Boot Camps

Creating IT Futures Foundation will be funding the MN location in Minneapolis.  

Graduate testimonial

“IT-Ready has given me confidence in my abilities and the desire to learn more and acquire more skills. The additional certifications provided by the program have easily handed me my most recent job at Carle Hospital in Urbana Illinois. I spent $80,000 on college and learned more from IT-Ready than I did from college. This program has most definitely changed my life.”

– Russell Prochaska,
IT-Ready Graduate

IT-Ready Students

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