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Recruiting the human touch

IT-Ready graduate, Javier Martinez, of OurFamilyWizard

JUNE 2014

People get into technology careers in different ways and for different reasons. This month's stories all demonstrate that learning and being in technology is for a variety of people and job styles.

Does your company need fresh IT talent? Become an IT-Ready employer and you’ll be hiring some of the best trained IT workers in the business. Learn more…

OurFamilyWizard Recruits the Human Touch from IT-Ready

IT-Ready helps software developer OurFamilyWizard find IT tech support candidates with soft professional skills. 

Learn more about OurFamilyWizard.

IT-Ready Graduates Find Success

Many of them were out of work for several months before beginning their IT-Ready class. But less than three months after graduating in April 2014, a majority of the most recent IT-Ready Minneapolis / St. Paul class have been placed in paid positions in the IT field.  

Read their stories. 

Hard Work and Focus Pay Off

A systems integrator at Lockheed Martin, Megan Lewis reflects on what it took to be successful, and the importance of educating the future workforce.  

Read more from Megan.

The Secret to a Successful IT Career? Build Relationships, Not Just Skills

Research finds that career navigation skills – networking, teamwork, flexibility, life-long learning – make the difference between career success and failure.

Read more findings from the research.


employ-a-graduate support-our-cause

Graduate Testimonial

I was having trouble getting entry-level work in the field. (IT-Ready) has really opened up a lot of doors for me. I had multiple job offers. Now I'm working on a help-desk for one of the top companies in the country. I finally moved out on my own, and in a couple years I'll be able to look for a house to buy.  

Ngina Baggett,
IT-Ready Graduate

How One Company Trains its Workforce

Atrion Networking Corporation helps its workers bridge the gap between classroom learning and experience.

Read more about Atrion

What is Creating IT Futures?

Charles Eaton, CEO of Creating IT Futures, answers questions about the mission, vision and programs of the organization.  

IT-Ready Students

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