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Marianne was able to buy a new car after landing her IT job at Pomeroy  

APRIL 2014

Marianne Linardos – a Navy veteran with two college degrees – never thought finding a good job would be so hard. Yet after fours years of looking, Linardos found herself on a street corner, holding up a cardboard sign that read, “Grad for Hire.”

Read Marianne’s story here.

Stories of successful people in the IT industry are all around us, but that doesn’t mean the road to success is an easy one to travel. This month, we learn about the hard work, dedication and problem solving skills required to carve out a niche in the information technology field. Plus, we provide some insight on what current students are dealing with on a daily basis as they look to write their own success stories.


Receptive to Entrepreneurship

Miranda Monahan, 37, is the CEO of M-Power Tech, the company she founded in Bradenton, Florida, three years ago. It’s hard to imagine that she started out her IT career as a receptionist. Read more about Miranda's journey.


IT-Ready Students: Getting to A+

We talked with Kathy Brennan, manager of IT-Ready in Minneapolis/St. Paul, to learn more about the program and its participants. Here is what she had to say. Read the Q&A with Kathy. 




"I Passed!": An IT-Ready Graduate Shares His Story

Roy Sizemore graduated from the IT-Ready program offered in Spring 2013 by Per Scholas Columbus (OH). He just completed the last online training offered through the Alumni Program. In addition to CompTIA A+ certified, Roy has also attained the certifications of Server+, Security+, and Network+. Roy’s enthusiasm and dedication was obvious; with each earned certification, he was eager to begin the next. Learn in his own words how he created an IT future for himself. Hear Roy tell his story.


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Connect with us and learn how you can get highly-qualified employees that are trained and certified.

Congratulations to our newest graduates!

The Winter 2014 IT-Ready Minneapolis / St. Paul class completed their coursework on April 11 and they are ready for the next challenge: interviewing for IT apprenticeship positions. Best of luck to you all! 

Outgoing Board Members

Recently our CEO Charles Eaton honored three outgoing directors of the Creating IT Futures board: Pamela Green, Chuck Lennon, and Susan Underhill. Their leadership is a large part of why we've grown and prospered as an organization while keeping our mission front and center. Read more about our Board.

IT-Ready Students

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