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Nellie Scott: Embracing Change

Nellie Scott, director of sales support & enablement at Lenovo. 


Nellie Scott is at the top of her game with Lenovo, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of personal computers. And she managed to advance her career without a four-year college degree. How?

“I’m living proof that you can beat the odds,” she says.

Read Nellie’s story here.

Nellie and others like her are overcoming challenges as they develop technology careers. This issue of Star Power highlights how all parties benefit when IT students and employees step up their games.


Employer: Apprentices Are Key to Success

When IT-Ready Program officials approached Medica about offering apprenticeships to graduates, the company was receptive; after all, it already had an internship program in place.

What Medica didn’t necessarily expect was how much IT-Ready apprentices would give in return. Read about Medica's IT-Ready success.


IT-Ready Alum Now "Certified+"

Now that he’s finished a trifecta of online CompTIA certifications, IT-Ready alum Brad Clemensen says his career prospects have completely turned around.

Read more about Brad's journey.

Spelling R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Make your actions and words worthy of respect, and you’ll be rewarded with a great career.

Creating IT Futures' Eric Larson examines the often misunderstood issue of respect in the workplace. Read the article.



upcoming-coursesemploy-a-graduate support-our-cause

Creating IT Futures Foundation contributes $100,000 to Genesys Works – Chicago

A major grant will help this growing youth IT internship program establish a comprehensive alumni program in its Chicago region. Read more.

Looking for great IT talent?

Become an IT-Ready employer and realize the benefits of hiring one of our apprentices. Read more.

Finding a Sustainable Career in Information Technology

Learn the first-year results of the IT-Ready program. Download the white paper.

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