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New York Academy of Sciences

NextUp is working with NYAS to engage CompTIA’s network in volunteering and mentoring opportunities in New York City. Volunteers will interface with the Academy’s Hack Your Health curriculum, which helps a student see how tech know-how can be connected to an interest in health and fitness.

The Academy is conducting a STEM Camp for middle-schoolers on Feb. 21-24, 2017. About two dozen volunteers are needed to help deploy the Hack Your Health curriculum to about 150 student participants over two days (Feb. 23 and 24). Students will rotate through different stations to generate data, work on laptops to learn Scratch, analyze their data and do additional hands-on activities. Volunteer mentors will manage a station and work with the kids to complete the activities. A volunteer engagement will last about three hours for a morning or afternoon session.

Volunteers also are needed later in the year for the Academy’s Hack Your Health one-day workshops (10 a.m. to 3 p.m.) which are usually held on Saturdays and school holidays.

In addition, CompTIA members and IT pros are invited to apply to the Academy’s other mentoring programs such as 1:1 virtual mentoring programs for STEM students from around the world. These programs include programs for high school and university students and require a year-long commitment for one to two hours a week.

CompTIA volunteers can register by contacting Joan Matz.

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