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IT-Ready Students Poised for Success

Jobs in the field of information technology (IT) are plentiful. And they’re good jobs – promising family-sustaining wages and upwardly mobile career paths.

Yet the IT industry struggles to fill these vacancies. Why? Because of a lack of qualified applicants.

To help close this IT skills gap for those lacking opportunity, we launched a free education, training and career placement program called IT-Ready. Our program, supported by a network of non-profit collaborators, gives people the knowledge and skills they need for a successful IT career, then connects them to an on-the-job experience opportunity. We not only focus on the "hard" technical skills, but on the "soft" professional skills that employers look for in job candidates.

And our program is working: Within four months of graduating, the vast majority of students are working in a paid IT role.

Unsure if IT-Ready is right for you? Hear from our graduates on how IT-Ready changed their lives and how you can do it too.

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Learn about the success of our graduates through a selection of testimonial videos.

Graduate Testimonial

“With IT-Ready, I was able to prove myself in a paid internship with no prior technical experience, aside from what I had learned on my own and through the program. That was really the ‘foot-in-the-door’ I needed to jumpstart my IT career.”
— Blong Yang, IT-Ready graduate

Creating IT Futures

A 501(c)(3) charity was established in 1998 by CompTIA, the Information Technology Industry Trade Association, as a way to help people improve their lives through IT careers.


We help populations that are under-represented in IT and individuals who are lacking in opportunity to prepare for, secure and be successful in IT careers.


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